About Us

The Directorate of Gender Affairs is a division of the Ministry of Social Transformation and Human Resource Development. As the national gender machinery and focal agency for gender and development in Antigua & Barbuda the focal mandate of the Directorate of Gender Affairs is to empower women and promote gender equality. We seek to facilitate development and bring positive change to Antigua & Barbuda by sensitizing society on the issue of gender and the key role it plays in national development.

We provide guidance and leadership on gender and development to other governmental departments, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), civil society, and faith-based organisations by:

  1. Compiling and disseminating information on gender issues and development
  2. Creating and interpreting gender-based policies and establishing performance standards


The Directorate of Gender Affairs is committed to building a country in which women and men enjoy their full rights as individuals and are equal partners in shaping the economic, political, social and cultural development of the country.


Our goal is be the leading agency in responding to all form of gender inequality in Antigua & Barbuda, and advocating for their elimination. We aim to do this through sensitization and awareness campaigns, gender mainstreaming programmes, drafting policy, and facilitating community-based action.   

Our Mission

To be a leading agency in responding to, and advocating for, the eradication of persisting gender inequalities and inequities in all forms.


What is now known as the Directorate of Gender Affairs first formed in 1980 as the Women's Desk.

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Internship Programme

The internship programme is open to interested parties who are currently enrolled in or have completed a tertiary level institution.

What We Do

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