The information gathered from both the Beijing Consultations and the review of the CARICOM Gender Equality Strategy and Action Plan will be used to inform the development of Antigua & Barbuda’s National Gender Equality Action Plan.

Moving forward the Directorate of Gender Affairs will establish gender focal points within the government agencies highlighted in the 12 critical areas of concern for the Beijing Platform for Action to continue gathering information from the agencies as it relates to gender and to ensure that gender concerns are incorporated into all plans, programmes and policies.

Acting Executive Director of the Directorate of Gender Affairs, Farmala Jacobs, said that this process will ensure that the NGEAP takes the needs of everyone within our society into consideration, especially our most vulnerable.

“The Directorate understands that gender is a cross-cutting issue that has implications for our political, social, intellectual and financial well-being both at an individual, interpersonal and national level; so we must ensure that we consult as many people from as many groups as possible when we devise policies like the National Gender Equality Action Plan.”

Another consultative workshop will be held with stakeholders once a draft of the NGEAP has been completed.

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